- We constantly focus on growing our business and, simultaneously, on offering the best possible service to all our customers. We always aim to improve and get faster at producing gaskets and seals. To us, stagnation means recession. This is how Mikkel, and I have learned to run the business from our father, and nothing will change that, says our managing director Martin Steffensen. Together with his brother, Mikkel Steffensen, he owns STEFFCA A/S, founded 30 years ago by their parents.


Developing and growing things is the fun part of running a successful business. But growing at this rate means that STEFFCA is running out of room here at the premises on Romsøvej in Nyborg. Some raw materials must be stored in containers or at a neighboring company to make space for a newly bought machine for production.

- We have around 3,000 square meters at our disposal, and that doesn´t suffice any longer. Also, the facilities are lacking as we have expanded by adding on through the years, which means that our logistics face all kinds of challenges. Our plans to build 6,000 square meters of new premises for our production and offices have come quite far already.


At STEFFCA, social responsibility is an important part of our DNA and the foundation we have built our business. It is a company where we have room for everybody – and every person is equally important.

- We want to help people currently not part of a working environment by inviting them to join us. Out of 43 employees, we have 7 that have been employed after a testing period. Some work part-time, others have flexible hours, and some even work full-time, but it goes for all that they make a huge effort, as does the rest of the STEFFCA team, says Martin Steffensen.

We also support various private and public initiatives, such as Nyborg Voldspil, Odense Håndbold, Dansk Røde Kors, and Danmarks Indsamling.


On February 1st 2023, we opened a new sales office in Germany. With Mikkel Steffensen as export manager, we have already built up quite a significant export market, and for some years now, the strategy has been to push further in this respect.

We started in Sweden, where our products were already on the market. But as a German approached us from the industry and was very interested in becoming part of the STEFFCA team, the management at STEFFCA seized the opportunity.

- We already have several customers in Germany as it is a big market with a sizeable heavy industry. In fact, we can already see the fruits of this step as we have received several new orders and requests, said Martin Steffensen, and added that this concept is ready to be rolled out to other countries when the time is right.

STEFFCA started in a garage in Skalkendrup, at the home address of Kurt and Dorthe Steffensen. Both had been working in the stove industry and spotted an opening in the market for a new supplier of glass fiber gaskets. In the following years, more products were added – in the beginning, mostly products that were related to the stove industry. For instance, gloves - were manufactured both at the address in Skalkendrup and by the inmates at the prison in Ringe.

In 1998 both sons joined in as the first two employees. The year after – in 1999 – STEFFCA was registered as a limited company in preparation for handing over the company to the sons.


More products were added, and we had to leave the family home address and start-up in Nyborg. The next step was in 2008 when sales engineer René Jeppesen (now sales manager) discovered that a sealing company in Esbjerg was coming up for sale.

- We went to look at the factory, and after a family council, we decided to buy it and fast-forward our development by at least 5 years. Simultaneously, we started expanding at the premises in Nyborg, which meant we could close production in Esbjerg and compile all production in Nyborg. I do not doubt that the acquisition we made then has determined where we stand today, states Martin Steffensen.

During this phase, Martin and his brother Mikkel took over as sole owners of the company, but to this day, Kurt Steffensen remains a board of directors member. Businessman Jørgen Andersen has also joined the board of directors as chairman of the board, and lawyer Jess Aagaard.

- Martin Steffensen says these are good and talented people that we know and respect and will help us form our vision and strategy for moving forward. We are living up to our sub-goals and likely looking to adjust upward.


Apart from setting financial targets, we aim to advance sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. Our CO2 emissions have been mapped and presented in our very first climate report. We are working on three focus areas based on the UN Global Goals: responsible assortment, sustainable production, and a healthy work environment.

- To us, social responsibility means that our products are made from the best materials and have the correct specifications. Our solutions reduce the risk of leakages at our customers' production plants and thus help protect the environment and the climate.

- Also, our isolation solutions, our customer-tailored isolation padding, are regarded as a relevant solution for all companies seeking to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions, remarks Martin Steffensen.


On Friday, August 25th, STEFFCA is celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary and 2 x 25th work anniversary of the two owners with an open house event at the premises on Romsøvej 24, Nyborg.

Followed by a celebration for employees and their spouses at the Sinatur Hotel Storebælt in the very best STEFFCA tradition.

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