STEFFCA takes our social responsibility seriously. This is why we support both private and public initiatives that contribute to greater social responsibility.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a major challenge in many countries. It has had major consequences particularly in those countries that do not have an effective healthcare system.

At STEFFCA, we have therefore decided in co-operation with Danish Red Cross to donate in total 150.000 face masks and face shields. Because, as Anders Ladekarl, Danish Red Cross, says: “The world is not safe until the virus is defeated in all countries – so in the end, it is also in our own interest to contribute to the fight other places. No one is safe before all is safe”.

We consider it a corporate social responsibility to make room for everybody at STEFFCA.

Therefore, we have established a corporation with the municipality of Nyborg where we offer development and definition of the workability for persons facing difficulties joining the labor market.

We have a mentor attached to handle these employees as we see it as our responsibility to develop and help each person further on.

Furthermore, we offer sheltered jobs and flexible working hours to employees who have faced a decrease in workability due to illness. This is done to retain our employees for as long as possible to our company.



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