We want to offer a good working environment to attract and retain qualified staff. It is important to us that all our colleagues thrive, develop, and are supported to a healthier lifestyle.


We are focused on job security and staff well-being. We want our colleagues to feel safe at work, and we want to help each other to ensure that we have a safe and healthy work environment.

At STEFFCA, we encourage all our employees to join a weekly walk, and fruit and vegetables are available to all staff every day.

All staff are enrolled in a health insurance scheme. This ensures that all our employees have the best outcomes should they need medical treatment. All staff members are also offered a flu vaccination as this illness can be very serious for some.

We also offer all our employees a canteen scheme to ensure everyone can access a healthy and varied diet.

We involve all staff in the pursuit of a good working environment. Initiatives include a staff workshop where we agreed on various focus areas, such as health.

We strive to be an inclusive workplace by employing people who may otherwise have difficulty finding a job. Because we see it as our social responsibility to help the individual to develop and move forward, we have assigned a mentor to support these colleagues. We also offer protected employment and flexible working to all our employees if they need to reduce their hours due to illness or reduced capacity. We want to hold on to our employees for as long as possible.

We focus on adequately preparing new employees for our workplace. We have a staff handbook, and we are dedicated to furthering our colleagues’ careers through relevant education and training.


It's important to us that our employees feel like part of the community at the STEFFCA team. Therefore, we regularly organise joint events to strengthen our employees’ social relationships. Here is a small selection of events:

We all went to a VIP event where we watched the semi-final match between Odense and Ikast. It was a cosy evening that started with a communal meal and then out into the stands, where we cheered in the best possible way.

The entire STEFFCA team and their partners were invited along when the Tour came to Nyborg. It was an incredible experience for all of us to experience the Tour de France atmosphere. The party continued at Sinatur Hotel Storebælt and ended the next day with breakfast for everyone.

An event with Niels Krøjgaard, where brains were given something other than gaskets and seals to think about. Niels put on an amazing show of trickery, deception, real psychology and showmanship.


Sailing in the South Funen Archipelago with Martin Steffensen (CEO and owner) as skipper. We were split into six teams, with each team being allocated an entire day. For some, it was very much out of their comfort zone, for others, it was great to have a day that was different, but for all of them, it was fantastic to spend a whole day with their closest colleagues.

It all culminated in a party held in true STEFFCA style, with a hot dog stand, beer, a gin bar, music and happy colleagues.


Our management culture is based on transparent and ethical leadership, where compliance with legislation is a given. We are committed to the climate, the environment, and human conditions while maintaining responsible economic operations.

Our corporate culture is anchored in our code of conduct. It is important to us that every employee not only complies with legislation but is also supported to act with integrity and responsibility. We have documented important policies in our employee handbook.

We will actively work with our suppliers to ensure responsible production and to ensure that our suppliers adhere to ethical standards. Risk assessment throughout the entire value chain is part of our strategic work.

It is important for us to support initiatives that contribute to greater social responsibility.

STEFFCA supports the local community through various means including Nyborg Voldspil and SUS Nyborg. We are also sponsors of the Odense Handball women’s league team.

Through the Danish Red Cross, we have donated to Ukrainians fleeing the war.

We have donated to Danmarks Indsamlingen because we want to help give the world’s children a better future.

Very few go through life without being affected by cancer, either as a patient or a relative. 1 out of 3 will get cancer before the age of 75. That’s a lot of people, and that’s why we have chosen to donate to the campaign Knæk Cancer campaign.

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