Energy savings are more important than ever before, both due to significantly rising energy prices and, equally importantly, to reduce CO2 emissions and thus achieve savings on the climate balance sheet.

STEFFCA’s custom insulation jackets are a reliable solution for achieving significant energy savings. The insulation jackets can be tailored to all industries and used in, for example, heating plants, production facilities, heat exchangers, and utility installations, where they are typically mounted on flanges, valves, pumps, compensators, motors, etc.


Insulation jackets from STEFFCA are made from unique, specially designed insulation that has been developed and optimized over several years and used and tested in hundreds of companies. The insulation jackets are produced with high quality and undergo strict quality control to ensure that the industry’s highest quality requirements and standards are met. The jackets include materials like Rockwool and fiberglass fabric. They are sewn with high-temperature thread and held together with high-quality Velcro.


The insulation jackets are easy to remove when technicians need to service and maintain the pumps, for example. The insulation jackets can be removed without tools. It’s just Velcro that needs to be undone, making it a very user-friendly solution that allows for easy and quick access to the pumps and resealing of the insulation.


The Danish Technological Institute has tested STEFFCA’s insulation jackets, providing objective trials and independent calculations of our insulation solutions, which are included in the energy report our customers receive. Furthermore, STEFFCA has participated in numerous energy-saving projects involving companies, energy firms, and independent energy advisors.


After measurement, an energy calculation is prepared for the units that need to be insulated. The calculation shows the energy consumption before and after the insulation of the units, and the measurement simultaneously serves as the basis for the custom insulation jackets, which are sewn for the respective units.


Even with a modern supply system featuring the best equipment on the market, and no gaps in the insulation, there can still be significant heat loss from some of the heat-emitting units. Therefore, it often pays off to re-insulate these units. As an added benefit, it can be expected that less ventilation and cooling will be needed in the rooms where the insulated units are located.


Custom-designed insulation jackets from STEFFCA have now been installed at AKD Brande - the Cooperative Potato Flour Factory of Denmark, which produces potato-based ingredients exported to the global food market.

The rising gas prices, along with a vision for a responsible value chain that positively contributes to meeting the UN’s global climate goals, led AKD Brande to contact us. They were in search of an insulation solution that could optimize energy consumption in their supply installations.

René Jeppesen, Sales Manager at STEFFCA, explains, ”STEFFCA’s insulation solutions are highly relevant not only because of rising energy prices, which hurt us all but also because of an increased focus on reducing CO2 emissions and thus achieving savings on the climate balance sheet.

Therefore, we are very busy, as can be seen in the energy calculation; there is a lot of money to be saved on the oil and gas bill, as well as in the climate accounts.”


With the insulation solution from STEFFCA, AKD Brande can achieve the following annual savings, according to calculations by Nordic Green Solutions:

Reduce energy consumption by 2,149,632 kWh

Reduce natural gas consumption by 176,823 m³
(equivalent to the annual consumption of 120 detached houses)

Reduce CO2 emissions by 430 tons CO2


The insulation jackets from STEFFCA are a highly relevant solution for many companies currently seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The project at AKD Brande is a great example of the significant savings that can be achieved. When including the grant from the Danish Energy Agency’s Business Fund, which we helped AKD Brande secure, the insulation solution becomes a very sound investment.

Lars Dahlgaard Jensen from Nordic Green Solutions


customised insulation jackets

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Insulation solution from
STEFFCA reduces CO2
at Nordic Sugar

STEFFCA's insulation team has installed custom-made
insulation pads on heat exchangers at Nordic Sugar in
Nykøbing Falster

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