Molykote 1000
thread paste


For the lubrication of nuts, bolts, and studs –
typically for fitting gaskets on flanges.

Molykote reduces friction and therefore provides a better tightening of the nuts and bolts – thereby increasing the surface pressure. Without Molykote lubrication, surface tension will be reduced by up to 40 percent – with Molykote, the tightening of nuts and bolts on the flanges can be performed with the optimum surface pressure.

The coefficient of friction is low and uniform and compares with an oiled bolt. Even after repeated assembling and disassembling, the coefficient of friction remains unchanged.

• Improves the seal of the thread
• Excellent corrosion protection
• The relationship between torque and tension is correct and uniform even after repeated disassemblies
• Prevents galling after having been exposed to high temperatures for a long time



  • Mineral oil-based thread paste containing the solid lubricant.
  • Does not contain lead or nickel.

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