TEADIT 25BI is a multi-directionally expanded gasket-tape, produced from 100% pure PTFE

The entire production process is subject to strict quality control, registered under the DIN EN ISO 9001.

TEADIT® 25BI – due to its excellent malleability and adaptability – is particularly well suited to compensate for irregularities or damages on the sealing areas, as well as for all stress-sensitive joints.

A special manufacturing process results in almost equal tensile strength in both the longitudinal and cross direction. As a result of this, the material does not change its width under compression.

TEADIT 25BI, because of this property, is extremely well suited as a gasket material for narrow sealing areas and in all applications where a defined gasket width (under load) is required.



  • PTFE with self-adhesive tape

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