Revoseal JP is high-quality and advanced technology gaskets, used where standard gaskets will be insufficient.

Revoseal gaskets stand out by having the lowest leak rate of all gaskets available on the market.

They are based on metal-to-metal technology. Enclosing the graphite removes the oxygen, allowing the gasket to withstand up to 1,000°C.

The design of the gasket prevents the graphite from sticking to the flange. JP2 is especially recommended for pressures higher than 200 bar and temperatures above 500°C.

These gaskets are also available in the PTFE version with EC1935-2004 for food production.

Revoseal gaskets are used in the following industries: oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, food, and pharmaceutical.



  • Stainless steel 316TI
  • Graphite (also available with PTFE for food)

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