Revoseal Vario is a high-quality and advanced technology gaskets, used where standard gaskets will be insufficient.

Revoseal gaskets stand out by having the lowest leak rate of all gaskets available on the market.

The Revoseal Vario is a universal centering system that replaces 8 different gasket dimensions with different pressure and in the ANSI and DIN standards.

These gaskets are also available in the PTFE version with EC1935-2004 for food production.

  • Significant reduction of range
  • Accurate centering of the gasket
  • Significant cost savings in purchasing and
  • No danger of fitting the wrong gasket
  • Easy to fit
  • No leakage, good for the environment
  • Temperature: -200°C – 1000°C
  • Pressure: from vacuum to 400 bar



  • Stainless steel 316TI
  • Graphite (also available with PTFE for food)

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