In addition to spiral wound gaskets from European partners, STEFFCA manufactures its own spiral wound steel gaskets for urgent deliveries and customized solutions.

With our in-house production technology, we can deliver your spiral wound gaskets within 24-48 hours – ensuring a prompt solution to problems with leaking valves.

STEFFCA offers the production of spiral wound gaskets without inner and outer rings.

The spiral wound steel gaskets produced by STEFFCA will be of familiar high quality based on 316 stainless steel with graphite or PTFE filler. We also supply oval spiral wound manhole gaskets.

Spiral gaskets are typically used for pipe joints with high pressure or large temperature fluctuations. The coil is made of, for example, 304L or 316L with PTFE (260°C) or graphite (450°C) added.

The gaskets can be produced according to your needs – with or without an inner and outer ring, according to DIN/ANSI standards, or drawings.

Camprofile gaskets are used in applications such as pipe joints with strict demands on the gasket’s flexibility/spring return, and at high, varying pressures and temperatures.

The profiles are made of stainless steel with graphite, mica, or PTFE. The camprofile gaskets are manufactured according to DIN/ANSI standards or drawings.



spiral wound gaskets

Camprofile gasket

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