Camprofile Gasket  
with centering ring


The Camprofile gasket, also known as a Kammprofile or a grooved gasket, comes with a centering ring and a breakaway groove.

The grooved gasket is available in different carrier materials and can be delivered with graphite, a PTFE, or mica facing material.

The Camprofile is a very reliable seal, making it suitable for both high pressure and high temperature applications.

The gasket has a total thickness of 4 or 5 mm, consisting of a 3 or 4 mm metal core plus 1 layer of 0.5 mm flexible facing material each.

The factory standards are: EN 1514-6, EN 12560-6, ASME B16.20, etc.


Stainless Steel 304 T max 550°C
Stainless Steel 316/L/Ti T max 550°C
Stainless Steel 321 T max 550°C
Alloy 400, 600, 800, 825: T max 600 – 950°C
Hastelloy C276, B2 T max 450°C
Titanium T max 350°C
Facing material: Graphite, PTFE, or mica

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