for high temperature and pressure

The kammprofile gasket consists of grooved stainless steel (standard 316) core, which is covered on either side with a 0.5 mm layer of graphite or PTFE.

The Kammprofile gaskets require a low surface pressure and can be used at high pressure.

Types of flange
For flange with tongue and groove - Kammprofile gasket without an outer ring is used
For flange with and without a raised face - Kammprofile gasket with an outer ring is used

Operating limits
Operating pressure graphite/PTFE: Max 400 bar
Operating temperature graphite: -200 °C to +550 °C*
Operating temperature PTFE: -200 °C to +250 °C
*please consult STEFFCA regarding temperatures above 450°C

Available approvals
Blow-out safety Hot Blow-Out Test as per ASTM draft HOBT1 (Graphite)
BAM approval for gaseous oxygen (70°C/100 bar) and liquid oxygen (PTFE) 2)
BAM approval for gaseous oxygen (200°C/130 bar) and liquid oxygen (Graphite)
Fire Safe test as per API 607/DIN ISO 10497 (Graphite)
TA-Luft 2002 (VDI 2440/2200) 3)
** BAM: Federal German Institute for Materials Research and Testing
*** TA-Luft: German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control

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