STEFFCA has a wide range of insulation materials produced in quality material that undergo strict quality control to ensure that the industry’s highest quality requirements and standards are met.

STEFFCA’s insulation material provides an effective barrier against high temperatures.

Our insulation materials are typically produced in glass fiber, such as glass tape, glass cloth, and glass needle felt. These glass fiber products are used partly as insulation and gaskets. Glass cloths are also used for welding protection.

In addition to insulating material produced in glass fiber, we also have insulating material produced in silica and ceramic materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures.

STEFFCA’s high-temperature fabrics and welding protection are available in several different variants – thanks to customized finishing.

Glass cloth &
welding protection

Glass- &
ceramic tape

Glass - & silica
needle felt

Sewing thread for insulation solutions

Thermowrap for insulation solutions

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