O-rings are one of the most commonly used seals: They are efficient, economical, and therefore used in all manner of industries, from hydraulics to the pharmaceutical industry.

O-rings can be used to seal off any liquid media and gas. They are available in elastomers and other materials including NBR, EPDM, FKM, and VMQ, etc.

O-rings can be supplied with relevant approvals for both food and drinking water.

With the correct tracks and choice of materials, and if the rubber’s temperature and media limitations have been taken into account, the O-ring has a very long service life, both static and dynamic.

An O-ring dimension is defined based on the inner diameter and the cord thickness.


  • tolerances: Standard DIN ISO 3601-1 (formerly DIN 3771-1)
  • Design and surface: DIN ISO 3601-3 type Grade N


  • -50°C to +260°C


  • Can be used both as static and dynamic
  • High reliability
  • Easy to install and remove
  • High availability of sizes and materials
  • Economical solution

FEP O-rings consist of a seamless transparent PTFE jacket that encloses the O-ring (Viton or VMQ) and completely protects it from the media.

The FEP O-ring combines the dynamic properties of an elastomeric O-ring with the resistance to extreme temperatures and hostile chemicals in the PTFE jacket.

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