Component seals belong to the mechanical seals' category and consist of a loose rotating part and a loose stationary part. The assembly of a component seal usually requires measuring to achieve a suitable spring force between the rotating and stationary parts.

This makes it slightly more complicated to install a component seal compared to a cartridge seal.

The STEFFCA Seal product range consists of the following variants:

  • Single Spring
  • Rubber bellows
  • Membrane
  • Multiple springs
  • Wave spring

Other variants are available on request.

EN 12756 (formerly DIN 24960)

These types of component seals are intended for standard installations and are the most commonly used component seals in our range. We always keep them in stock, so that we can give our customers a speedy service. They are found in product categories such as:

  • STEFFCA Seal range
  • Metal bellow seals
  • Wedge. P.T.F.E wedges


  • Standard stainless steel: 304 / 316L
  • Rubber: EPDM, NBR and FKM(Viton)
  • Sliding surfaces: Carbon, ceramic, tungsten and silicone carbide
  • Pressure: up to max. 40 bar.
  • Speed: up to max. 20 m/s

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