Gaskets for wood-burning stoves are typically glass fibre solutions. Glass fibre cords for wood-burning stoves and flues are essentially made from textured glass fibre strands. They are available in several versions: hard, soft, black, white, etc.

The hard version is a knitted glass fibre gasket in E-glass with a core of longitudinal glass fibre. The soft version is a knitted glass fibre gasket in E-glass and without a core.


We also supply knitted glass fiber tape for sealing the glass in wood burning stove doors and special textile glass gaskets. The gaskets can withstand temperatures up to 650°C. All products are inorganic, sterile, refractory and asbestos-free, and contain no toxins or heavy metals.

The product range includes glass cord, glass gaskets, wood burning stove cord, wood burning stove gaskets, wood burning stove door gaskets, oven gaskets, ceramic cord, and ceramic gaskets.


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