ISOCARE is our custom-made insulation pad for flanges, valves, pumps, etc.

ISOCARE minimizes heat loss resulting in significant energy savings, where the usual jacket insulation is complex or less efficient.

ISOCARE is used in heating systems, production, and supply installations.

After taking precise measurements onsite, STEFFCA does energy calculations for the units to be insulated. The analysis demonstrates the energy loss before and after insulation of the units, and the measurement is also the basis for the drawings of insulation pads explicitly sewn for those devices.

STEFFCA also helps our customers achieve subsidies for their energy-saving investments.

We can help our customers obtain subsidies to invest in an ISOCARE solution through our collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions. The subsidy can cover up to 50% of the investment.


Acid leaks in production and processing plants can now be quickly detected using the new, custom-made technology ACIDCARE – which allows companies to intervene immediately in the event of dangerous leaks.

ACIDCARE is a functional coating solution with double security: The special coating quickly reveals acid leaks and protects employees and equipment from physical contact with acid and acidic solutions.

When the acid comes into contact with the olive green ACIDCARE coating on the inside of the glass weave, the coating will change to yellow on the outside.

With leaks around valves, flanges, and other places, there is a risk of acid leakage. Many companies use a lot of resources trying to measure their way to detecting acid leaks, but ACIDCARE makes acid leaks visible in a short time. Until the acid leak is detected, ACIDCARE will protect against dangerous physical contact with the acid.

The reaction time of ACIDCARE depends on the amount and concentration – but a leak will typically become apparent within a few minutes.

ACIDCARE is a custom-made solution that's tailored to the individual company after accurate measurements have been taken at the location where the solution is to be installed.

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