Specially designed insulation pads from STEFFCA have now been installed at AKD Brande – Andels-Kartoffelmelsfabrikken Denmark, who produces potato-based ingredients that are exported to the global food market.

Rising gas prices and a vision of a responsible value chain contributing positively to the UN’s global climate goals led AKD Brande to contact us. They were looking for an insulation solution to optimize their supply installations' energy consumption.

The solution to AKD Brande’s problem was ISOCARE, STEFFCA’s custom-made insulation pad for flanges, valves, pumps, etc.

René Jeppesen, Sales Manager at STEFFCA, explains: “ISOCARE insulation solutions are highly topical right now because of the rising energy prices that are hurting us all, but certainly also due to a greater focus on the UN’s global climate goals. So we’re really busy, and as you can see in the energy calculation, there are huge sums of money to be saved, not only on the gas bill but also in the climate accounts.”

After measurements are taken, an energy calculation is prepared for the units that are to be insulated. The analysis shows the energy consumption before and after the units are insulated. The measurement also provides base data for the custom-made insulation pads sewn for the units in question.

According to a calculation from Nordic Green Solutions, this insulation solution from STEFFCA could enable AKD Brande to achieve the following annual savings:

Reduce energy consumption by                   2,149,632 kWh

Reduce natural gas consumption by           176,823 m3 *

Reduce CO2 emissions by                            430 tonnes of CO2

* (corresponds to the annual consumption of 120 detached houses)

We can help our customers obtain subsidies to invest in an ISOCARE solution through our collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions. The subsidy can cover up to 50% of the investment.


The insulation pads from STEFFCA are a highly relevant solution for many companies currently looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The project at AKD Brande is a good example of the level of savings that can be achieved. If you include the subsidy from the Danish Energy Agency’s Business Pool, which we helped AKD Brande to achieve, the insulation solution is an excellent investment

Lars Dahlgaard Jensen from Nordic Green Solutions

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